How To Crossover: Learn How To Dribble A Basketball Like Derrick Rose | Basketball Moves

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Home Course How To Crossover: Learn How To Dribble A Basketball Like Derrick Rose | Basketball Moves
Published on February 1, 2016

Not only learn how to crossover but learn how to dribble a basketball like Derrick Rose. – Free Workout — Instagram — Sub To My Podcast

Simple basketball moves like “through the legs crossover” are basic fundamentals that all players need to master. I love to take these basic moves and break them down so that players can see exactly how to execute the move to perfection. I get messages all the time from players asking how to crossover or what to learn how to dribble a basketball so that is why I decided to come out with a video just like this.

If you watch Derrick Rose crossover you will see just how explosive he is. When Derrick Rose crossover he doesn’t focus on shifting the defender or using any kinds of fakes. He knows that he is very explosive and can simple change directions better than his defender and that’s all it takes for him to blow by his opponent.

When I teach my players how to dribble a basketball I always make sure they are pounding the ball and have the ability to control it at the same time. Derrick Rose has a great ability to pound the ball when plays which in turn makes his ball handling much faster.

If you wan to learn how to crossover (regular crossover) make sure you check out my channel as I have a video for that. I also have a ton of other basketball moves tutorials on there.

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