How to Do a Change-of-Pace Dribble | Basketball Moves

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Home Course How to Do a Change-of-Pace Dribble | Basketball Moves
Published on February 15, 2016

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Right now we’ll talk about a change of pace dribble. A change of pace dribble is used when the player is pushing the ball up the court to make the defender think that they’re going full speed. And then you’ll hesitate and change your pace to then explode by them. A lot of times what happens is the defender, they get relaxed. When you’re going full speed and then you slow up to change your pace, a defender will raise up and relax and then you catch them off guard by going full speed.

So right now we’ll walk through a drill with Jerry and George where they’ll go to the baseline. And we’ll start off showing with change of pace dribble going in one direction, or going in the same direction. So right now they’ll start off with their right hand on the baseline and they’ll go to half court. You’ll notice that what we want to do is as we push this ball up the court, we want to stay low and control the ball up to our waist level. When we change pace that means that we’re going to hesitate for a second, get that defender leaning, and then explode off of that push off. So it’s full speed, slow up to change your pace and then you want to accelerate and explode off of that push off.

So right now George will go up the court first. Here we go. He’ll take two dribbles. He hesitates and then he explodes. Hesitates and explodes. So now as George comes back with his left hand, Jerry will go down the court with his right. Here we go, fellas. Good. Two dribbles, hesitate, explode, hesitate, explode. And then we’ll wait for Jerry to come back. Hesitate, explode, hesitate, explode.

Now, the next thing that we can work on is changing direction off of our change of pace. Meaning that we get the defender leaning one direction off of this change of pace hesitation, we cross overlook. So this will look like this. And I’ll walk through it slowly, where I’ll push the ball out, I’ll change of pace, hesitate and then I cross over low to explode. I’ll show it from this angle. As I’m coming back, I’m dribbling full speed, hesitate, change of pace and cross over. Here we go. So push it out, change, very good, change, nice job. Now they’ll both go at the same time. Here we go. Full speed, accelerate, change, accelerate, change. Alright? So now Jerry will push it out, change, change.

So those are a few ways that you can use a change of pace dribble going in the same direction and changing direction. That’s how you use a change of pace dribble.

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