How to Dribble a Basketball like Derrick Rose

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Home Course How to Dribble a Basketball like Derrick Rose
Published on February 1, 2016

How to Dribble a Basketball like Derrick Rose

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When you see an NBA player juke a defender out with a lightning fast between-the-legs, behind-the-back dribbling move, you’re watching the culmination of years of patient practice. If you’re an absolute beginner, even a basic, simple dribble can be intimidating at first. Luckily, with practice, anyone can become a better ball handler. It takes serious dedication to learn from scratch, but with this guide (and lots of practice), you’ll eventually be able to dribble circles around the other team!
Touch the ball with your fingertips, not your palm. When you dribble, you want your hands to make contact with the ball in such a way that you have good control over the ball and you don’t have to use much arm strength to keep the ball bouncing. For this reason, don’t slap the ball with your palm. Rather, try to handle the ball with the tips of your fingers. Spread your fingers out across the surface of the ball for a wider, more balanced contact area.
Not only will your fingertips give you more control than your palms – you’ll also be able to dribble faster. Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose strongly recommends against palm-to-ball contact, as it “slows down the whole dribbling process.”
Get in a low stance. When dribbling, it’s not smart to keep an erect, up-and-down posture. In this stance, the ball will have to travel all the way from your upper body to the ground and back again as it bounces, leaving it wide open for a defender to steal. Before you start to dribble, get in a low, defensive stance. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and drop your hips back slightly (as if you were sitting in a chair). Get your head up and your upper body mostly erect. This is a good, balanced foundation – it protects the ball while giving you plenty of mobility.
Don’t bend at the waist (as if you were bending over to pick something up). Besides being bad for your back, this stance is fairly unbalanced, meaning it’s easier to accidentally stumble forward, which, depending on the in-game situation, can be a big mistake.

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How to Dribble a Basketball like Derrick Rose

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