Learn the Killer Crossover Dribble Basketball

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Home Course Learn the Killer Crossover Dribble Basketball
Published on February 1, 2016

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Jason Otter teaches you how to do the Killer Crossover Dribble from his Basketball Dribbling Moves Encyclopedia DVD. The Killer Crossover has been used in the NBA by Allen Iverson, Tim Hardaway, and is a deadly dribble move. Jason breaks down every dribble move in his Encyclopedia of Dribble Moves. This is a must have DVD for anyone who wants to dribble like a professional.

Maximize efficiency of movement on your dribble moves.
Explosive moves that can be used in games.
Nearly 40 moves that will allow you to blow by your man in the open court or going to the basket.
“Rep Outs” help you learn the moves while moving with the basketball vs. practicing stationary.
Learn when to use a certain move in a game.
Jason’s “Teaching Points” give you inside knowledge he has learned as a basketball player and instructor.

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