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I want it
Home Course MY BEST PACKS OF NBA 2K16!!!
Published on January 31, 2016

My pack luck is OP!!! xD
Theses clips are from all of my NBA 2k16 pack openings!
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My Snapchat: Jesserthelazer
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► Welcome to the best place for NBA 2k16 Videos! My channel is based around NBA 2K and other basketball video games such as NBA Live and NBA Jam, I have NBA 2K16 My team videos like Road to the Playoffs, My team wager matches, and challenges. I also make skits like NBA 2K15 in real life, How to be Good at Basketball and NBA 2K My Career in real life. I will be posting NBA 2K16 My team Content for the whole year :p thanks for the support!

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