How to do the KILLER CROSSOVER dribble in Basketball

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Home Course How to do the KILLER CROSSOVER dribble in Basketball
Published on February 1, 2016 Learn how to do the Killer Crossover dribble move in basketball.
This dribble move (aka the Utep 2-Step) was made famous by former NBA player Tim Hardaway.
This clip comes from Super Moves Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 ( ), which not only features the Killer Crossover, but also over 50 moves off the dribble. Every move that Supe breaks down is shown in live situations that range from one-on-ones to actual games. All the moves detailed are game-legal. In addition to the moves breakdown, you’ll learn the elements of an effective move, the spatial relationship of an effective move, six skills every dribbler should master, key points of emphasis, tips for specific situations, and much, much more. This video is a MUST-HAVE for players of ALL levels of basketball. These videos are also great for coaches who are using a Dribble Drive Motion or other similar offense, because you’ll need players that can effectively break their defenders down off the dribble.

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